Nutritional bases
Guidelines for "urheimische" nutrition

The “urheimische”® nutritional bases

How can we nourish ourselves in an urheimisch® manner with these food products

  • “Urheimische”® nutrition is based on the consumption of foods that have been known and eaten by human beings for approximately ten generations. Ask your grandmother what used to be cooked and eaten in the past. This is how we learn to cook according to old traditions and have the opportunity to rediscover our taste.
  • Those who live “urheimisch” ® eat and drink when they are hungry and/or thirsty. Our healthy body shows us what it needs.
  • We forgo convenience products to which flavors, flavor enhancers, preservatives and other chemical additives are added. We use honey, sweet fruits and whole cane sugar as “urheimische” ® sweeteners. It is not necessary to forego sugar but it should be used sparingly – as a spice.
  • We can buy our food products in health food stores or from organic farmers – or we set up our own orchard and vegetable garden, if possible.
  • Sea fish should be on the menu once to twice a week. We can enjoy meat only once a week and then only of traditional animal breeds that are raised in species-appropriate ways.
  • “Urheimische” beverages include spring or well water or herbal teas (Cystus®, hip, mint, chamomile…) produced using this water. Organic beer, organic wine and organic coffee are also allowed.
  • In exceptional cases, it is also “urheimisch” to try out something new (e.g. during stays abroad).

But “urheimisch”® life is based not only on appropriate nutrition. A healthy relationship to one's own body, a self-conscious and optimistic attitude and a social-oriented approach to life  are also extremely important aspects.