• Cystus Pandalis® - Mucosa's best friend
    The first pharmaceutical worldwide based on Cistus incanus!

  • NEW: Bockshornklee aktiviert bio vegan Kapseln
    now also in gelatine-free organic capsules


  • NEU: Cystus 052® Flüssigextrakt
    Care and protection for skin and mucous membranes



  • NEW: Cystus® Bio Teekraut in tee bags
    always perfectly dosed and practical to handle

  • Algae-free and still vegan: Salicornia - the iodine source
    NEW: now even more convenient as bio-tablet

  • New clothes for the old Queen:
    Mädesüßblüten Dr. Pandalis Bio Tee - now available as infusion bags!

  • Veneo 093®
     smooth veins

  • Plant-based Vitamin B12
    Sidea® B12 – autochthonous, vegetable-bound Vitamin B12

  • Cystus 052® Bio Halspastillen Süssholz
     well prepared for the cold season, with organic liquorice


    Urbitter® Bio Kautabletten - even more bitter constituents for a healthy digestion


Welcome to Dr. Pandalis

Dear Reader,

As a critical scientist I am convinced that the autochthonous philosophy (german: urheimische Philosophie) can form the basis of lasting health for us and our descendants. Our personal wellbeing can never be regarded separately from an intact and healthy environment. To take care of our environment is not only a personal challenge but also a duty we owe to our descendants.

Yours faithfully, Dr. G. Pandalis

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