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The Dr. Pandalis group

The Dr. Pandalis group

A single bond unites the two companies of the Dr. Pandalis group: the “urheimische” philosophy. The two companies are:

  • The Naturprodukte Dr. Pandalis GmbH & CO. KG
    This company has been doing pioneering work in the research of “urheimische” plants since 1988 and is developing products for nutritional supplementation as well as cosmetics and food products (Fresh leaf garlic granulate, activated fenugreek, Cystus® Bio Teekraut and many others) based on these plants.
  • The Dr. Pandalis Urheimische Medizin GmbH & Co. KG
    This is an offspring of the Naturprodukte Dr. Pandalis that deals primarily with the development of drugs and medicinal products such as Lefteria® und Cystus Pandalis® lozenges.

The “urheimische” philosophy has become a cultural asset. Dr. Pandalis developed the concept to summarize in a single term what is indispensable for lasting health: humility and respect for creation, long familiarity with one's own living environment, regard for fellow creatures, questioning all matters and reasonable, honest research.

How the “urheimische” philosophy is inextricably linked to an intact environment and why it means much more than “Bio”, you can read in this website.

“Urheimische Notizen”: Research is important to us. You can read the results of our work as well as international research and our comments in the quarterly “Urheimische Notizen”, which we would be happy to send you (available in german only).

Dr. Pandalis Stiftung: To convey knowledge from three decades of research to the interested public, Dr. Pandalis founded the Akademie zur Förderung traditioneller europäischer Pflanzen für Ernährung und Medizin (Academy for the Promotion of Traditional European Plants for Food and Medicine).