"Urheimische" Time
Life in the rhythm of nature

The “urheimische” time – what is that?

The facts

The time determined by the natural course of the sun is called solar time or true local time. Since time immemorial, solar time has been determined by sundials. For astronomical reasons, solar time does not run completely uniformly (in contrast to technical time). Therefore midday –when the sun is at its highest point - varies several times by more than 30 minutes over a year (+16 – -14 min). This is more distinct for an additional hour during summer time (see below). 

All functions of the body, soul and spirit are controlled or influenced by inner timers that are all collectively called the “internal clock” (for more information, click here “Gesundheitlich wichtige Beispiele für circadiane 24-Rhythmen beim Menschen“, → “Urheimische Notizen", 2/2012: “Rhythmen des Lebens”).

Although the property of the internal clock is innate, it must be correctly set over and over again (just like any other clock). The 24 hour sun rhythm (“circadian rhythm”) is most important for this adjustment of our internal clock (“synchronization”). Without this external clock, our internal clock gradually gets unset and we become ill. People who do not disturb the internal clock and follow the rhythms of nature (“natural biorhythmics”) remain healthy

The problem

For millions of years, our biorhythmics have been significantly controlled by sunrise and sunset, sun position, day and night length prescribed by the sun, different wave spectrum of the sunlight depending on season or by the amount of light the sun gives us – in each case, entirely individually depending on the place where we live. Our internal clock and the millions of functions of body, soul and spirit follow solar time entirely on their own – as long as no disturbances occur.

Disturbances occur when our body loses its temporal orientation based on solar time. Thus, this happens when the internal clock is no longer correctly adjusted by the sun position (chrono disruption). A well-known example is pathogenic shift work. Another example affects all people of the Western world - the pathogenic synchronization of our internal clock by an “artificial time” that no longer indicates solar time.

Such artificial or legal time was introduced with the rise of the railway, around150 years ago, to make it easier to create schedules. The consequences: in Germany alone, there are differences between solar time and legal time of up to 40 minutes, depending on the place of residence. Deviations of more than one and a half hours occur in summer during the state-prescribed summer time. Completely catastrophic is the situation in the People´s Republic of China, where the same legal time applies to five time zones, although there are only 60 minutes difference between one time zone and the next

However, whereas the internal clock has been synchronized exclusively by the rhythms of the nature until about 150 years ago, the body must react to a variety of contradictory time signals today – legal time, switch summer time/winter time, night-time work in bright light or voluntary transfer of many daily activities to the night. This means the internal clock gets increasingly and sustainably mixed up. Time researchers have found that in addition to many functional diseases, insomnia, depressions and cancers occur more frequently as a result.

“Urheimische” time is biology's natural time (true local time)

The solution

Those who do not own a sundial can learn true local time - the solar time at the individual's position – using our “urheimische” clock here at www.pandalis.de. This clock is most precise when you enter your postal code in Germany. Then the clock deviates only for splits from true local time as, for example, also required by astronomers. To use solar time in everyday life, it is sufficient to adjust any not radio-controlled clock to the solar time displayed above (and readjust at intervals of days or weeks).

Health care

What is clear is that many people cannot easily change their lives and their living habits towards a life according to nature time over the span of just one day. But there are many small opportunities to try making changes. Examples:

  • Move night-time leisure activities to daytime
  • Reschedule your lunch break to the natural resting phase at one clock in the afternoon – according to summer time! -
  • Those who do not rely on legal time in their job can convert their entire professional life and parts of their private life to nature time.
  • In medicine, it should be noted that certain drugs are most effective at specific times. Some cancer drugs, for example, are most effective at four o´clock in the morning –solar time, that is! Side effects can then be reduced by dose adjustment.
  • During convalescence after a serious illness, muscle development is best at 5.00 pm – solar time!

The “urheimische” time has been the biologically familiar nature time of our environment since ancient times. We who follow “urheimische” medicine call attention to the problem considered to be essential, that falling out synch with nature time can cause illness. It will be exciting to see which methods are individually discovered and tried by people interested in returning to health-maintaining, familiar rhythms in our world. Please tell us about your thoughts, attempts, failures or successes, for the sake of others!