Bärlauch Eisen N Kapseln
Wild Garlic Iron N Capsules
Nutritional Supplement
gluten and lactose free

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Naturprodukte Dr. Pandalis GmbH & Co. KG
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Sea buckthorn berry powder*, wild garlic leaf powder (26%)*, gelatine (capsule casing)

* from controlled organic cultivation

Field of application

  • it’s important for the normal function of the red blood cells and thus for oxygen transport in the body
  • where there is an increased need for iron and typical symptoms of deficiency, such as tiredness and exhaustion
Recommended daily intake

4 Wild Garlic Iron N capsules contain 2.6 mg iron (corresponding with 19% of the reference value according to the food information directive), which can be used and tolerated very well by the body in this compound form.

Supplementation with pure iron often causes intolerance reactions such as constipation or black stools. Organic fruit acids, in particular ascorbic acid (vitamin C) from the sea buckthorn berries, promote the absorption of plant-bound iron. This is why we have included sea buckthorn berry powder as a natural source of vitamin C in the formula for our wild garlic iron capsules. 4 of the new Wild Garlic Iron N capsules will also give you an additional 3.5mg of reduced sulphur.

Additional hints

Wild garlic from specific areas is rich in plant-based iron. Wild Garlic Iron N capsules are an ideal dietary supplement for young girls and women, growing teenagers, pregnant and breastfeeding women, sportspeople and elderly people – in brief: for all people with an increased need for iron.
Typical symptoms of deficiency are tiredness and exhaustion, as iron is important, inter alia, for the normal function of the red blood cells and thus for transporting oxygen in the body. In addition, it assists in cell division and is vital for a normal functioning immune system.

By taking activated fenugreek capsules together with Wild Garlic Iron N capsules, you can increase your absorption of iron.


  • The constituents of a plant depend on its location. The raw substances in our wild garlic capsules come from different locations and sometimes there is more of different minerals (iron, magnesium or manganese) in the wild garlic leaves.
  • All wild garlic products should not be taken at the same time as selenium, but rather with an interval of at least 4 hours, as selenium makes it difficult for the body to use the activated sulphur in the wild garlic.

Keep out of reach of small children

Food supplements should not serve as a substitute for a balanced nutrition, as well as for a healthy lifestyle.

The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded