Urbitter® Bio Tee
Urbitter® organic tea

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Naturprodukte Dr. Pandalis GmbH & Co. KG
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49219 Glandorf

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Naturprodukte Dr. Pandalis GmbH & Co. KG
Füchtenweg 3, D-49219 Glandorf
Tel.: +49 5426 3481
Fax: +49 5426 3482
E-Mail: info@pandalis.com
Internet: www.pandalis.de

U.St.-Id.Nr. DE 164357471
Handelsregister AG Osnabrück HRA 110331
Dr. Pandalis GmbH, AG Osnabrück HRB 110396
Geschäftsführer: Dr. Georgios Pandalis

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Bitte Packungsgröße wählen
Urbitter® Bio Tee | 200 g | PZN 07667948 | recommended retail price € 22.02
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Urbitter® Bio Tee | 30 g (20 infusion bags à 1,5 g ) | PZN 07707240 | recommended retail price € 6.27
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PZN = Pharmacautical registration number: helpful when buying in the pharmacy (for Germany only)

Cichorii Herba, dandelion leaves, bitter orange rind, apple, wild artichoke leaves, nettle leaves

– All ingredients from controlled organic cultivation –

Product description

Urbitter® organic tea is composed of bitter-tasting wild herbs, vegetables and fruits. During its preparation, the natural “bitter compounds” are released into the hot water, giving the tea its characteristic taste. Native wild plants that have been known in Europe for a long time are selected for the Urbitter® organic tea.

Only in September 2013 did analyses carried out by an independent laboratory (Eurofins Food GmbH) repeatedly confirm that the pyrrolizidine alkaloid content in Urbitter® organic tea is below the detection limit.

Recommended daily intake

per cup, pour fresh, boiling water over 1 teabag of Urbitter® organic tea, cover the cup and allow to infuse for 7–10 minutes.

For connoisseurs: You can flavour the tea some more with honey, brown sugar or an untreated slice of lemon