Venusurkicher® Granulat (Bio)
Venus Chick Peas Granulate, organic
Nutritional Supplement
gluten and lactose free

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Naturprodukte Dr. Pandalis GmbH & Co. KG
Füchtenweg 3, D-49219 Glandorf
Tel.: +49 5426 3481
Fax: +49 5426 3482

U.St.-Id.Nr. DE 164357471
Handelsregister AG Osnabrück HRA 110331
Dr. Pandalis GmbH, AG Osnabrück HRB 110396
Geschäftsführer: Dr. Georgios Pandalis

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Venusurkicher® Granulat (Bio) | 45 g | PZN 04132477 | recommended retail price € 18.00
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PZN = Pharmacautical registration number: helpful when buying in the pharmacy (for Germany only)

Chickpea plant powder(53 %), linseed powder, spinach powder, balm powder, rosemary powder and, for seasoning: Carrot, leek and tomato powder

– All ingredients from controlled organic cultivation

Field of application

  • for women at certains of their life (e.g. change of life/menopause, pregnancy, puberty)
  • rich in natural folates
    Folate is important for mental function, cell division and homocysteine metabolism; It assists in the formation of white and red blood cells and is vital for tissue growth during pregnancy
Recommended daily intake

4 g Venusurkicher® Granulate contains on average 80µg folate. This is 40% of the reference value according to the food information directive

Additional hints

To provide support for women, we have developed an indigenous granulate from special plants like chickpea, linseeds, speedwell and rosemary, to guide them harmoniously through certain stages of their life.

Menopause and other life phases

The main cause of typical menopausal complaints is natural hormonal fluctuations, for instance lower oestrogen production. In earlier times, women used their intuition and their experience to adapt their diets to their bodies’ changing needs and they ate more linseeds, beans and chickpeas. Nowadays, many women avoid pulses and whole grains, because they have a bad reputation for causing bloating. Taking chemical oestrogen preparations or concentrated phyto-oestrogen isn’t recommended, because they can promote the development of breast cancer. The same applies to soya products, which are not part of a central European indigenous diet. However, plants like chickpeas have been eaten in our part of the world for many hundreds of years by women in physical transition phases like the menopause. Its contents have an oestrogenic or anti-oestrogenic effect, according to individual need. The body takes what it needs from it. In addition, they’re also rich in folic acid, which reduces the tiredness and exhaustion that occurs frequently during the menopause by contributing to blood formation,

Folic acid also supports the immune system and is important for mental stability. It plays a vital role in tissue growth by stimulating cell division, which makes it an optimal supplement during pregnancy. Folic acid also plays an important role in maintaining a normal homocysteine level. A too high concentration of homocysteine in the blood is currently recognised as a risk factor for arteriosclerosis.


Keep out of reach of small children

Food supplements should not serve as a substitute for a balanced nutrition, as well as for a healthy lifestyle.

The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded